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Friday, July 07, 2006

Family is a full-time job!

Well, I haven't posted anything on here in over a week. Why? I moved home with my family for the summer!! Living with my family has certainly been a full-time job for me, it's crazy. Today a girl from New York City arrived to stay with our family for a week and a half through the Fresh Air Fund. It seems like a really cool program, I think it will be fun having her here. In preparation for her arrival, we have been cleaning the house like crazy though! I think we put out 20 bags of trash this week! In addition, my youngest sister's good friend has gone to the beach for two weeks, so I've also been re-living summer vacation as a ten year old spending time with my little sister. We've gone bike riding, played in the river, went to 7-11 for slurpees, and just hung out. It's been fun!

Overall, coming back home for the summer I have realized how much I've become accustomed to living alone. When you live alone, your day is dictated only by you, and your plans for the day pretty much. When you live with family, you might have time to do some stuff you wanted to do, but mostly your day is dictated by the needs of others. Living with others, especially family, is above all a school of love. I'm only now realizing just how vital an aspect of life it is. I hope I am able to truly appreciate and take advantage of these few months living with my family!


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