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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The blessing of the motorbikes and more at the Vatican

This past Sunday I went to the Vatican again, this time to visit the Cuppola. It is so beautiful! Going up there is definitely not for those who are claustrophobic though. Here are some pictures:

In the morning, a very large group of people on motocycles had come for the Sunday Angelus with the pope. It was quite interesting to see so many bikes parked on St. Peter's square - but the coolest part was when they all revved their engines as an applause for the pope - the whole piazza was vibrating from it!

After the Angelus, I went up to the cuppola. No, I didn't take this picture at an angle, it was the wall that was crooked, not the camera!

What a beautiful view....

Next, some pictures looking from the outside of the cuppola down at Rome:

Two shots of the Vatican at night (me playing with the long exposure settings on my camera - they are really fun!)

Note: I apologize in advance if some of the pictures don't match up with the commentary, I can't preview this from the computer that I'm on and there's a good possiblity that the links don't actually match up quite right. Let me know if they don't seem right. :)


At 9:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy crap! What amazing pictures!
I've never seen much of what you are showing... what was that crooked hallway?
The shot right next to the statue is killer.

God bless you - what a trip.
A visit to Vatican City is def on my personal list of "10 things to do before I die" :)

Awesome blog, Morostheos
God bless

At 9:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah... btw
we have a "blessing of the motorbikes" here in west Michigan... it doesn't seem to be half as cool as the one in the Vatican ;)

At 2:38 AM, Anonymous Lina Martin said...

wow claire, some of those shots are postcard quality! can you email them to me? and i keep meaning to sit down and right you a letter.... so one is coming i promise, soon! :)

happy all saints!


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