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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Good news and more pictures

Well, yesterday I was able to talk to the director of my program here and got everything all figured out. Apparently the delay in classes is because the program is also available as a distance virtual program at several other universities and they don't have classroom space and/or faculty available until January.  What's important is that it hasn't been delayed because of lack of enrollment, and classes will definitely start in January.  I also got a list of books for me to start reading, so now I have something purposeful to do with my time as well. It's a good feeling!

Ok, more pictures:
Last Wednesday I went on a hike at one of the nature preserves just outside of Rome. It was nice to get outside of the city and wander around truly along for a little while. 

On Friday, I went to the beach town of Nettuno.  It's a really cool place, like many small towns in Italy it is a medieval town complete with walls surrounding the historic area and lots of little tiny streets. Medieval towns are so much fun to explore - it's like a giant maze, you never know where the streets are going to take you and if they're going to dead end or not.

And of course, the requisite picture of St. Peter's at night. I think every time I walk across that square at night I end up taking another picture!

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At 7:19 PM, Anonymous CCM Karen said...

Hi Claire,

Happy Advent! It's great to read that you're having a mostly good time abroad. You're in my prayers.


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